POST FIGHT Spotlight: UFC’s own Edson Barboza


I recently got the chance to speak to one of MMA’s most dangerous strikers in Edson Barboza. The lightweight is a must see every time he steps into the cage. He now has his hands full against a tough opponent in Myles Jury. We went over his thoughts on the division, the direction of the sport, and past opponent’s trash talking.

What are your thoughts on your matchup with Myles Jury?

It’s a good matchup, he is a great fighter. It will be a good fight.

 Did you expect Pettis to lose to Dos Anjos like he did?

Fight is fight, Everything can happen. Dos Anjos is a really good fighter, he has good ground game and good stand up game. When we talk about fight and UFC, we have the best fighters in the world, there is no underdog, all of them are good enough to beat each other.

 What are your thoughts on Bobby Green saying you were running the whole fight against him (on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour)?

I beat him up.

 What are your thoughts on the Reebok deal?

I am employee it’s up to UFC to do this deal.

Are you a part of the fighters summit? (Where fighters learn how to manage their finances, work with the press, and appearances.)


 If you were UFC president for one day what are some things you would do?

I would do the best to make my business grow.

You are coming off of a tough loss, what can fans expect when you step back into the cage?

The best of Edson Barboza.