POST FIGHT Spotlight: UFC’s own Aljamain Sterling



I recently got a chance to speak to the “Funk Master” himself, Aljamain Sterling (11-0) is a young beast climbing up the ranks in the UFC. Sterling fights out of the impressive Serra-Longo camp and is coming off of an impressive submission victory against Takeya Mizugaki .Here is what he had to say about his upcoming future.

Who do you want to fight next?

 I wanted to fight Bryan Caraway. I even decided to do a funny call out to make the match-up even more compelling and raise the stakes a bit. The UFC matchmakers just booked him to fight Eddie Wineland, so I’m now interested in fighting Johnny Eduardo. The guy fights once every 2 years, he’s about 45 years old and Mr. Potato head seems to be having a lot of trouble keeping his body parts together haha.

What are your thoughts on the Reebok deal?

I gave a lot of insight on most, if not all, the aspects of the Reebok deal. I think they have some good stuff, but at the time, I truly feel it affects more than 70% of the UFC roster, negatively. If you want more in depth detail on my opinion, I have two short write-ups on my website, This is a plug but of course an insightful, and open feedback from an active and current UFC fighter.

If you were UFC President for a day, What changes would you make if any?

I’ve been an athlete since elementary school. Played multiple sports all my life and I will always have an appreciation for all athletes, especially the ones at the pinnacle of their respective sports. With that being said, I think the simple response is to make sure all the athletes get the ‘long-end of the stick’. This is from purse pay, to promoting, compensation, etc.

What is a day of training like being at such a great camp?

Training with team Serra-Longo is nothing short of a good time, and laughs. We all feed off of each other and when our group stud muffins are around each other, there’s no telling what shenanigans is going to happen haha.

What are your goals for this year and how do you plan to make them happen?

My goals for this year are to become the number 1 contender in my division, have 3 different “Funk Master” shirts made, 2 “Funk Master” snapbacks made, have all my investments accounts set up, take a trip to San Diego, stay healthy, and if the schedule permits, I want to travel to Hawaii and get some training in with Max Holloway and his team. That would make my year one to remember for a lifetime! 

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