Peter Davis: “Every fighter fights for different reasons. I know what I fight for…”


I recently got the chance to speak to one of ONE Championship’s most interesting fighters in Peter Davis. The Lightweight is 10-3 and is coming off of a first round TKO win. He is one of the best Lightweights that One Championship has to offer but is also an established model/actor in Malaysia. If that hasn’t sold you already, he is also a father of two, balancing family life with his girlfriend. How does a man like this get involved in the fight game? We discussed how his journey began, what obstacles he has faced, what it takes to be a fighter, and how he is preparing for his yearly goals.


What got you into the sport?

I got into MMA to test my martial arts skills, to find out if what I had learned worked, and to learn how to put all my skills together in a real fight.

What is the toughest challenge you’ve faced in life?

There are many tough challenges in life, it’s hard to pick one. With regards to fighting though, it’s got to be the weight cuts. There is a lot riding on the fact that I make weight. It matters a lot to me and I’ve got the added pressure of not wanting to let training partners, coaches, sponsors, and not to mention the fans down. It takes determination and a level of grit to get it done. On occasions you’re on your own trying to get it done. I imagine it’s like cold turkey effect (trying to stay off drugs) you’ve just got to make it to 70.3 kg.

If you could go back in time and talk to the younger you, what would you say?

Oh I’d tell him a lot! Mainly just to be happy and do what you do. Remember that sometimes you DO know best, however always listen to your elders- learn from their mistakes and try not to make them yourself.

Can you explain the mind state it takes to be a fighter?

You’ve got to be happy with going to training every day. Happy to live on fairly unexciting food and just be a sucker for punishment. Every fighter fights for different reasons. I know what I fight for and my mind set when I’m headed up to the cage is very focused, get in, and get it done ASAP, with as little damage to myself as possible. Hey it’s a fight.. It doesn’t always go your way.

Do you prepare game plans for opponents or do you go in there ready for anything?

If I’m lucky enough to have info on my opponent, then yes I’ll work out a game plan based on what my strengths and weaknesses are compared to theirs. However there is still the “hope for the best and expect the worst” scenario where you have misread your opponents level, and you end up going balls out crazy just to come out on top! That’s why good cardio and a good recovery meal or 10 after the weigh-ins help, you must be prepared for anything!

What are some things about your training that set you apart?

I just think that my own personal style of striking sets me apart. Granted not much has been seen, but it leaks into my ground game, and in MMA that’s crucial to get the upper hand.

What can fans expect when you step into the cage?

A very focused fighter that’s always fighting for a finish standing or grounded.

What are your goals for this year?

Be more active in charity work, do more acting, participate in some more motor sport related events, and go ballistic in the cage a couple more times!