[POST FIGHT] Spotlight: tipafighter Movement!

I recently got the chance to speak to one of MMA’s fastest rising stars — not only because of what he does inside the cage but also the work he puts in outside of it. Bubba Jenkins fights out of the Bellator organization, but his focus lies in the advancement of the sport and the fighters who take it to another level.

To take it to the next level he became a brand ambassador for the tipafighter movement. We went over where it all began, how it can change the sport of MMA, who is involved, what fans can do to help, and when to expect the big news.


Can you tell me how this tipafighter movement began?

It began with me doing a camp for a friend in Dubai…my friend asked me what I wanted out of fighting MMA. I told him I wanted to be a house hold name, I want to be exciting and become a fan favorite. But I also want the support of the MMA world and fans.

I want to make money being their guy… a real people’s champ! He called me a couple weeks later with this great idea from all the things I was saying. From there the ball started rolling, and the light came on. Then for three years we’ve put in countless conference calls, Skype meetings to get everything just right to present to the fans, and more importantly to the fighters.

How could this change the world of MMA?

This could change the sport of MMA by getting the fans more invested in their favorite fighters. In a really big way it also helps the fighter get paid more. So many fighters have to spend their time working other or odd jobs just to pay the rent.

But if the fighters were in the gym getting as great as they can be, it helps the performance of every fighter and every promotion. The quality of the fights become better. You get happier fighters, happier fans and happier promoters and promotions.

We at TAF  see it as a win-win-win. The fighter fan interaction will be on another level. Fighters would actually know the names of their true supporters and fans from the countries they are from and the age group each demographic represents. Which also helps them identify with those people and let their sponsor know how valuable they are with the proven statistics.

Who are some of the fighters/ coaches/ etc. that are involved and what is being done to spread the word?

We are signing fighters left and right and our website TIPAFIGHTER will be updated shortly. We are excited about the pioneers that have jumped on board as of now. I don’t want to name drop just yet because we are waiting on our press release, but just know we have some exciting fighters on the roster!

What do you see this movement becoming in the near future?

I see us becoming the Facebook of MMA. A platform where most fighters and all fight fans go to see who is fighting who, when they’re fighting, TAF  techniques tuesday, live fighter commentation and webinars. Times and locations to our massive tipafighter expos. Where there are fighters from all the big organization and promotions. We also have a app coming out soon!

Any news on your next opponent? If so, where can the fans go to get started on this?

Nothing concrete just yet. But I feel something is coming soon! Hit up our website and social media pages TIPAFIGHTER.COM .