L.C. Davis: “… expect me to leave it all in the cage and come out victorious.”

I recently got the chance to speak to one of Bellator’s most exciting fighters in L.C. Davis (23-6). Davis is known for leaving it all in the cage, and will get the chance to do it again but this time against former champ Joe Warren (12-4). Catch the Bellator 143 Fight Card on September 25th.


This is the matchup that can put Davis in immediate contention for the belt — while also gaining immense exposure by being the headline fight. 

With all of this momentum rising , I wanted to take a moment to ask the title hopeful for some background information. What do you really know about your favorite fighters? Most times you know about their gym, training partners, or maybe even coach. 

In reality though, what can you really relate to if you aren’t avidly training and watching hours of fights? We went over what his favorite movies – food – sports teams – music artists, who he trusts most, what he would do without MMA in his life, and what will give him the edge when he goes to war.

What are some of your favorite movies, sports teams, food, music artists?

Favorite movie: Belly

Teams: Kansas City Royals and Chiefs.

Foods: Burgers, Pizza, and Cookies.

Musicians: R Kelly, John Legend, 2Pac, Biggie.

If you could choose any four fighters to be with you when your back is against the wall, who would they be and why?

Pat Miletich, Zack Micklewright, Josh Neer, and my dad (he’s not a fighter but toughest guy I know). They are all tough as nails and brothers to me.

 If you weren’t in this sport, what would you be?

Something with sports! Strength and Conditioning coach, or wrestling coach.

What do you think sets you apart from every other fighter?

The things I’ve been through in life and my family.


What can fans expect when you square off against your opponent on Sept. 25th?

They can expect me to leave it all in the cage and come out victorious.