Brennan Ward: “…MMA is just something I do for money. Its not like it fills some gaping hole in my existence or anything.”

I recently caught up with one of Bellator’s rising stars Brennan Ward (11-3). The impressive Welterweight is coming off of a knockout finish against Roger Carroll — and is looking to keep his momentum going against his next opponent Dennis Olson (Bellator 144 on October 23rd).

Ward has become one of the fighters on Bellator’s roster that can be a franchise guy. Fighting in front of home crowds plays a big part in his progression, but having finishes on the big stage like he has been doing, will catapult him into contention with a few more wins.

One would think that this pressure could make or break a fighter but after asking him a few questions, it was easy to see that his laid back style and approach is what sets him apart. We went over some of his interests outside of the cage, who he would go to battle with, what he did before fighting, and what really matters most.


What are some of your favorite food, sports teams, and music artists?

Outside of MMA, my passion for sports is in skateboarding, surfing, and I follow amateur wrestling. I’d rather be doing either of them than anything else. 

I listen to a wide range of stuff for music.

For food mostly Moes, tacos, sushi, and fast food. It keeps you jacked. 

If you could choose any four fighters to be with you when your back is against the wall who would they be and why?

I don’t really hang with any fighters or follow it that closely. But in reality, I’d take my homies with me. So Josh Diekmann from Bellator, my boy Gunboat, and I’ll take Butterbean on my side too. Bombs. 

What would you be doing without MMA in your life?

Surfing and Skating. Probably roofing or framing for work. Whatever. MMA is just something I do for money. Its not like it fills some gaping hole in my existence or anything. 

What is one thing fans might not know about you?

Bellator put it out there once, but I once had a job at Chuck-e-Cheese. 

What are your goals for this year?

Just to be happy and healthy, man.