Wilson Reis: “My goal is get back on a long win streak.”

I recently got the chance to speak to a top ranked Flyweight and found out more about what keeps him going. Wilson Reis (19-6) has been a top fighter in whatever weight class he fights in — but a long streak of wins is what he is looking for to get back to the top.

Reis is coming off of a loss that occurred last year and is looking to gain some  momentum to close out the year. In the time away — the landscape of the division has changed exponentially. It has now become a revolving door of challengers for the champ Demetrious Johnson — a door that Reis believes can be broken.

We went over his interests outside of the cage, what he would do without the sport he has trained so hard in, and what fans may not know about him.


What are some of your favorite movies, food, sports teams, and music artists?

One of my top movies is American Gangster and Taken.

Food: brazilian barbecue and pasta.

I watch other sports but don’t follow any specific teams.

Music: All old school hip hop Tupac and Biggie fan.

If you could choose any four fighters to be with you when your back is against the wall who would they be and why?

I wouldn’t choose any one I would face it my self.

What would you be doing without MMA in your life?

Teaching and competing BRAZILIAN jiu jitsu.

What is one thing fans might not know about you?

Maybe that I love comedy and my favorite comedian is Kevin Hart.


What are your goals for this year?

My goal is get back on a long win streak.