Rutten & Ranallo Podcast Recap

Episode 19: Austin Trout, John Morgan

#Hashtag Segment

Bas Rutten:

“GGG probably never fought a hard hitter like him, but pretty much, I’m sure the other way around. GGG right now is the hardest hitter, 91 percent of his fights are knockouts. It’s just insane, he’s won his last 22 by knockout.” – On the challenges of this potential boxing super fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

“I think Arlovki actually might have given him the idea to front kick to the face because 40 seconds before he threw a front kick to Overeem’s face before he did it.” – On Overeem’s spectacular set up for his finish of Arlovski in Rotterdam.

“It was McGregor/Aldo, it was the same thing, of course not with the left hand but with the right hand since Struve is right handed.” – On the similarity of the Struve finish on Bigfoot Silva to the Conor McGregor finish on Jose Aldo.

Mauro Ranallo:

“Canelo has to fight your favorite fighter GGG.” – On what’s next for Canelo Alvarez after his impressive knockout over Amir Khan.

“Stefan Struve needed a win badly and he got it lightning quick.” 

“We found out at UFC Rotterdam that if you ain’t Dutch you ain’t much.” – On the dominant performances by the Dutch fighters on the card.

“A Palm Beach county judge issued a 450,000 dollar bond for the guy accused of killing Jordan and fleeing the scene.” – On some closure for former Bellator featherweight Jordan Parson’s family

Run time: 1 hr 24 minutes

15:18 – On who Anderson Silva should fight next after recovering from his surgery.
16:30 – Updated information on the Jordan Parson hit and run case.
18:00 – Bas on the Ronda Rousey book changes.
21:32 – Andre the Giant stories.
22:54 – On the passing of their good friend Hector Pena – most decorated Mexican kick boxer.
23:40 – Steph Curry back to back MVP wins.
26:00 – TV reboots: The Exorcist & Lethal Weapon.
29:00 – Captain America Civil War thoughts.
31:00 – Bartolo Colon oldest player in MLB to hit his first Home Run.
32:10 – Justin Timberlake song.
34:50 – This Just In: Wanderlai Silva getting hit by a car while riding his bike.
35:50 – PRIDE stories.
41:03 – Feel Good Vibe segment.
44:12 – Ranallo’s past.
45:38 – Bas on tipping in the US.
1:22:04 – Mental Health Month

MMA Junkie’s John Morgan: UFC 198 Preview (10:24-13:14)

“This is the first time the UFC has held a stadium event in Brazil, and the company really loaded the deck to ensure fight fans would fill the 40,000 seat venue, and they did.” – On the stacked UFC 198 card and the magnitude of it in Brazil.

“Now Belfort’s dangerous striking will pose an early threat but the longer the fight goes the better it seems to be for Jacare.” – On how the Co-Main Event may play out.

“Yoel Romero is likely the next contender in this division but a big win by either Belfort or Souza will give them a claim at the belt as well.”

“Cyborg still doesn’t seem willing or even able to make 135 pounds so her future in the UFC remains uncertain. But right now she is attracting as much media attention as anyone else on the card, fighting in front of her home town in Curitiba.”

Former Champion Austin Trout: (49:25 – 1:19:33)

“If I can go back and change one thing about the fight that I feel would change the whole course of the fight, would be the open scoring.” – On what he would change about the Canelo Alvarez loss.

“I’ll give him that he was the better man that day, possibly, but I still don’t believe he’s the better fighter.”

— “If Khan was able to keep up that pace and keep his distance for the whole 12 rounds I feel like he would’ve won that fight. I feel like he was winning the fight leading up to the 6th round before he got caught.

“It was really only a matter of time. You know Canelo is the bigger man.” – On the Canelo and Khan fight.

“When I’m running on all three cylinders I don’t think anybody can beat me. Right now I’m running on all three cylinders and I don’t think anybody is going to beat me after this.” – The three cylinders being Mental, Spirit, Physical.