Host: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

 Guests: Holly Holm, Michelle Waterson, Jodie Esquibel, & Brandon Gibson. 


Art by @paintbetsi

1:05  Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson riding dirty (No license) back in the day.

2:20  How the ladies feel now that they are married as compared to training back then.

5:08  Holly Holm on balancing emotions from training and bringing them home.

6:55  Cody Gibson on traveling all the time cornering UFC fights but also having a real job.

8:12  Holly and Jodie on transitioning from boxing to kickboxing to MMA.

11:00  Donald on the team needing to get back into doing The Circle training (alternating fresh partners after rounds to break you or find your breaking point).

11:42  Donald on pushing the girls equally in training and not wanting to waste anyone’s time. 

“Just because you guys are girls, if you spar with me I’m fucking you up. I want you to know that.” – Donald

“That’s the worst thing ever when you get a guy that’s really really holding back and it’s like we just wasted both of our times man.” – Jodie

“I just want to slap them and tell them I’m not a charity case.” – Holly

12:18  On the girls beasting on some of the guys at Jackson’s.

12:53  Back then in 2007-2008 when it was just a few girls and how now they have a team.

“Sometimes you’d hit me and I’d be looking out my ear hole like she did not just fucking turn my head gear.” – Donald on sparring with Holly.

“And I’d be thinking he did not just hit me again in the ribs.” – Holly on sparring with Donald.

13:55  Holly on Wink’s and Greg’s were combined there was a period where only girls were showing up.

15:13  On letting the new people who come to train know that it’s their gym and establishing their ground.

17:33  The girls on who they were awe struck about at first to train with.

19:40  Who they would pick as their one hall pass since they are all married or in a relationship.


Scarlett Johansson: Avengers


Ryan Gosling: The Notebook

Luke Evans: Dracula Untold


Jack Johnson: Musician


Chris Hemsworth: Thor

Scott Eastwood: Suicide Squad


Lana Del Rey: Musician

26:13  Donald’s weird search history and how he rather fart popcorn for the rest of his life instead of anyone ever seeing it.

28:03  Holly speaks on her opponent and how excited she is to fight in Chicago. How she also wanted the rematch right away but just wants to get in there and fight right away regardless.

29:16  Holly on what she thought of Cyborg’s performance and if she thinks Cyborg can make 135.

30:44  How Michelle and Jodi felt about Rose Namajunas and Joanna Jedrzejczyk coming down to train at Jackson’s.

32:50  “Two things we don’t fuck with Rattlesnakes and condoms.” – Donald

32:55  How Donald felt when Anthony Pettis came down to train and his relationship with him.

33:53  Donald on the reaction he received when he originally tried to bring Michelle Waterson down to Jackson’s back then and the effects it has had even till this day.

37:16  On what’s next for Michelle and her doctor medically clearing her to start sparring.

37:38  Jodie on what she learned from the bad judges decision that sent her home from TUF – knowing that she won that fight and what she will change so that never happens again.

45:56  Michelle on seeing how the alpha males clash at the gym. Donald seeing the younger guys pretend to be alphas at the gym too.

46:35  Jodie and Holly on how you have to have some sort of ego to be doing what it takes to be a great fighter.

47:37  Holly on being from Albuquerque and trying to everyday normal things when she’s a superstar there.

49:45  Donald on how big of a role model Holly Holm is and how much he looks up to how she carries herself.

51:59  On how he’s so proud of the Jackson’s girls because they are athletes and how a lot of women fighters are out of shape.

54:31  Michelle on how you can weed out the people who are not committed through who shows up to practice consistently. How that helps her decide who to train with daily.

55:00  Holly on navigating around people who shouldn’t be in the pro practices and eventually having to just let go.
58:26  On finding out ways to get everyone that has a fight coming up to get their cage time, but the team is growing so fast, so it’s becoming more and more difficult.

58:55  Michelle speaking on having people who are beasts in one aspect but lacking in a lot of others and how to use that to an advantage. Donald on putting himself in the worst positions with those kind of fighters so he can get the most out of the work out.

1:01:54  Cody talking about his time coming up in Jackson’s and how much he trained with Holly.

1:02:46  What they can do as a team to get better. Cody explains.

1:05:40 On welcoming all the new faces and creating genuine connections with them. Michelle on how her initiation was at first before joining the team.

1:10:31 – 1:22:19  Top 15 Would you rathers on Google. (Things get weird)


“Well they are eating my ass first of all.” – Michelle Waterson (1:17:38)